Following “Kimono: The Colours of Japanexhibition, DIMA Art & Design is pleased to present to you the next event that we have arranged on the occasion of the Italian-Japanese friendship agreement 150th anniversary: Creative emptiness: A Tea House Ceramic Contest. After having dwelt into the art of dressing and floral arrangement, this time we focus on another peculiar ritual of this fascinating Eastern country: the Tea Ceremony or Cha no yu, whose original Japanese name means “hot water for tea“.
This both social and spiritual ritual goes far beyond the simple preparation of a beverage. It is perhaps the purest expression of Zen aesthetics based on its four principles of harmony, purity, respect and tranquility.

A tea house, in its bare and mere simplicity, is an enclosed space, with no ostentation, where the material vacuum echoes a mental void; but only by casting aside all the frivolous excess and seeking the absolute essentiality you can achieve a free and all-encompassing relationship with objects in order to morph this void into creative impulse. Therefore, a house of emptiness transmutes into a place of creativity. That same creativity which is found in the traditional raku cups usually used during the Japanese tea ceremony.
Inside these cups, the vacuum evokes an irregularity in shape to both the eye and the touch, or even those little black smudges – all incidental outcomes that could be considered as flaws by an inexperienced eye. In fact, they are exactly what makes these simple objects unique. In an effort to reconcile the uniqueness of these “imperfect” containers with the endless search for originality of our own design, we decided to launch this creative challenge.

Unique and imperfect beauty is the main goal of this ceramic contest organized by DIMA art & design, which designates the tea house as “the creative void”, a place to be symbolically filled with accessories, such as mugs and teapots, directly related to or inspired by this ceremony.
There are no restrictions on material or size. Only the number of objects is limited: 1 teapot and a maximum of 6 cups per each participant. Drawings and/or pictures shall be sent to our email address by July 15 2016. The selected artworks shall be delivered to our office no later than September 10 2016.
The selected artworks will be exhibited starting from the 24th of September and the winning artworks will be decided by the votes of visitors to the exhibition.

The gallery will buy the works up to the third-placed one and will promote them through social media channels as well as in specialized magazines.
Moreover DIMA art& design might buy non-winning artworks, if deemed artistically valid regardless.
DIMA art& design will commit to set up on its venue a solo exhibition for each of the three competition winners.

For further information, please contact DIMA art& design:

t +39 039 660768